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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  May 28, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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saw the blood everywhere. >> his family says he was beaten by local police and then died. topper is tracking your travel and destination weather for the big holiday weekend. >> there's a lot of people here that come to remember. >> rolling thunder rumbles into our town. this is 9news now. only on 9, the family of a man that died in custody wednesday said he was brutalized by greenbelt police. >> as gary nurenberg tells us, michael mang's mother says the cover up has already gone. >> reporter: police went to the home early wednesday morning after a complaint 42-year-old michael mang had threatened his mother. >> when officers responded, they were met by the suspect who tried to fight the officers. >> they believe he was under the influence of some drugs. >> reporter: he received several injuries in his confrontation with three officers, including a broken nose. his mother watched through a window. >> i think they should have
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talked to him. i don't -- michael was not combative. i think they were -- i think they wanted to hurry up. his shift was about over. >> reporter: when ambulance arrived and mang was treated, police drove him to the hospital. in police custody, he later died. >> i'm very convinced this brutality. he should have gone off in the ambulance and he should have stayed in the hospital. >> why was my brother brutally treated like this in this incident? why wasn't my brother medically treated correctly? why did my brother die in a jail cell three and a half to four hours later. >> reporter: the police story, mang assaulted them. >> my brother is not going to be able to see the grandchildren. he's not going to be able to see his daughters graduate. he's not going to be able to see
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them get married or enjoy their life. >> i hope that these gentlemen are reprimanded for the kind of treatment that they gave my son and it's just a horrible thing. >> reporter: his birthday is saturday. >> and he wanted to have a party for everyone to come over. it's just going to be sad not seeing his beautiful face. >> reporter: state police have begun an investigation of how greenbelt police handled this case. the greenbelt officers involved in this incident are on paid administrative leave. derek. well, new at 11:00, the power is back on after an outage called major headaches for drivers. power was out for about an hour. drivers tried to take turns
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going through the intersection. not everybody was doing it correctly. the outage affected almost 900 customers. the holiday weekend is here, i should say, but will it be nice? topper some thunderstorms perhaps we should worry about? >> we have a couple on radar right now. we'll start with the forecast first. overnight if you plan on doing something, walking the dog for the last time, a shower or thunderstorm is still possible. mostly cloudy and mild. winds light east southeasterly at ten. most of the showers are south of town. we had heavy showers primarily around 81. now we have a couple showers in annandale and springfield these are going to drift across us1. we will come back and update the rest of the weekend forecast. still kind of putting the finishing touches on it. anita. as the rain fell on the national mall tonight, thousands remembered those that never made
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them home. the group rolling thunder has organized a weekend worth of events, including a candlelight vigil tonight. andrea has more. >> reporter: so many of us are remembering loved ones this weekend. i know i'm thinking about my dad who is buried across the river. but tonight we wanted to hear from war veterans and their families in their own words. they came with sorrow in their hearts. >> i'm remembering my son. he was a green barea and he was killed in vietnam june 6th, 1968. but he is still with me in spirit. >> reporter: laughter, the kind that comes easily with those who share a lifetime of memories. but everyone brought a mistakable respect. >> we're here to remember those who are prisoners of war, missing and action. and you have to remember this, they're still veterans. and no country, no government, no citizen, no president has the
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right to abandon them. >> my brother was lost in vietnam. i'm a vietnam vet. i know the hurt it caused my mother. she died with pain in her heart from losing a son. >> the people we're honoring can't be here. so somebody has to show up and take care of them. >> reporter: honoring a child? >> i'm remembering my son lance corporal greg davis, massachusetts. >> reporter: a brother he barely new knew. >> i'm here because my brother died in vietnam. i don't remember much about him. i was five. >> reporter: why is it so important for you to be here? >> they deserve the respect and honor that i can give them. there's a lot of people here that come to remember. a lot of people that come to forget. it's a social event for some. a coming home for others. it's far from a party. but there is serious respect among all these people here. >> reporter: rolling thunder events are takig place across
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our area this weekend. culminating in a rally and musical tribute at the reflecting pool sunday afternoon. reporting live from the national mall, andrea mccarren, 9news now. >> and, in fact, andrea, the rolling thunder rally will start at noon on sunday. they'll leave the parking lots along route 37 bound for the memorial bridge. the line will head around the mall before ending near the vietnam veterans memorial. road closures will begin around 8:00. some streets already closed down and the street won't reopen until sunday at 5:00 p.m.. right now police are looking for two gunmen wanted in a shooting. they found a man dead. he might have been doing contract work on the home. the name of the victim has not been released. if you have any information about the crime, please call police. montgomery county police are investigating a possible drowning at a local pool. fire and rescue personnel
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responded to a call to the alleghany swim center. they found the man believed to be in his 60s unconscious on the pool deck. paramedics tried to revive him and took him to the hospital. no word on his condition. police are trying to determine whether this is the result of an accident or medical emergency. tonight new video of the massive oil spill in the gulf of mexico. it shows what cannot be seen with the naked eye. infrared cameras are now revealing just how much oil is really on the surface. the dark parts of the water you see there all oil. and as alarming as that picture is, it still cannot tell us just how deep the oil goes. the federal government now estimates as much as 39 million gallons of oil has poured into the gulf since the deep water rig collapsed and blew up. in the meantime president obama made a stop in louisiana today and many who heard him speak worry that the president will not follow through with all of the promises he made. >> i think he's more on board today than he was before he came
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down. and if we don't see any type of reaction from that, i'll be very disappointed. >> this isn't just a mess we have to mop up. people are watching their livelihoods watch up on their beach. i'm here to tell you you're not alone. you will not be abandoned. you will not be left behind. >> an ocean og rapher says based on these photos, the cleanup efforts are simply overmatched. the disaster started back on april 20th after the oil rig exploded causing what is now the biggest oil spill ever in u.s. history. a church is back open after mother nature took a crack at it. >> it was pretty amazing just to see like actually pieces of the road had flipped over. >> overnight thunderstorms tore out big chunks of asphalt on annandale road. they saw the bolt of lightning
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strike a transformer from his bedroom window. >> it came to the manhole cover and actually blew up from there. >> a driver got caught in the mess after her car got stuck. the rain kept her from seeing the krater in the road. a teachable moment. that's how the family of martin o'malley describes the incident involving his 18-year-old daughter terra. she went to a graduation party last night and was later found unconscious right neither baltimore's inner harbor. the officer that found terra says the teenager was unresponsive when he tried to ask her whether she had been drinking. the family is asking everyone respect their privacy. see these guys? police say there is one less to worry about tonight. and caught on tape. a disaster on the interstate. a semi goes hurdling into the
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air. plus scammers have a new fad that can hurt new businesses. a look at counterfeit coupons. here is your wakeup weather. 8:00 tomorrow morning. a couple of clouds. 62 to about 72. light south winds. we'll come back and take you through the rest of the holiday weekend. that includes your beach and boating forecast.
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now to an update on the so-called pack robbery in maryland. four down, one to go. so say montgomery county detectives who arrested a fourth suspect. he is 22-year-old ricardo albert of silver springs. a surveillance camera was rolling back on may 5th when five people beat up a man on an apartment stairwell. the victim suffered broken ribs, cuts and severe bruises. police are now looking for a fifth suspect. he had a hollywood smile nearly as wide as tall. actor gary coleman. friends are remembering him. he passed away. you may know him best from "diff'rent strokes" from back in the 70s and early 80s. later on in his careers he made lots of guest appearances. gary coleman dead. he was 42 years old. and taking a quick look at news from all across the nation, in ohio, five people are
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recovering tonight after a school bus collided with a truck head on. emergency crews took the pickup driver and four people on the school bus to the hospital for treatment. the bus driver went up the wrong way on an exit ramp and that is what caused the crash. and this memorial day weekend is ruined for at least one boater in florida after his boat started to sink right after the coast of hallover beach. a good samaritan was able to pull up to the boat and pull everybody off. caught on tape in texas, a semi truck flipping over into oncoming traffic. you can see the semi come around the curve and then a small car driving next to it veers into the 18 wheeler sending it over the concrete median. the semi ends up falling on its side, just barely missing another car. it also takes down a metal utility pole. amazingly only one person hurt in this crash. in boston, a crook calls
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police on himself after he gets into a tight situation. officers say the man tried to break into a convenience store but ended up getting stuck in the process after trying for about an hour to get free, he eventually called 911 for help. coupons on the internet. they're fast, sometimes fun and they can save you a heck of a lot of money. but a recent boom in their popularity is coinciding with the spike in coupon fraud. as brittany morehouse shows us, the fraudsters could ruin it for everyone. >> reporter: this is how busy a restaurant can get after partnering with a deal of the day website. >> you work with us, and you will see customers the next day. >> reporter: they have one merchant per day offering the merchants deep, deep discounts. >> we try to find things that we know are going to be successful. >> it could be something like massage, sky diving, half off at a new sushi restaurant. >> reporter: in 24 hours. >> we sold over 4,200.
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>> reporter: as for the buyers, you have to pay ahead. >> there is no real catch at all. >> reporter: no catch here. but here, well, it's a whole different world. >> consumers lose. retailers lose. the manufacturers lose. everybody who has anything to do with coupons lose. >> reporter: except for the savvy fraud sters who continue to find new ways to post coupons online that are 100% fake. >> this one is for a coupon withdrawal. >> reporter: it's a growing nationwide problem that employees spend hours tracking every day. >> there is direct criminal computer hackers who are actually holding classes in how to make counterfeits. >> reporter: at their office, they have now identified more than 250 faulty coupons since last september, more than the previous decade combined. >> you can see on the back they use the same technology. >> reporter: how can shoppers tell the difference? >> for right now, i still can't. it's extremely difficult because some of the stuff we get in they just look like real coupons.
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>> reporter: at first glance, sure. but there are ways you can detect counterfeit coupons. beware of any free offers that you print out on your home or office computers. coupons posted on forum like photo bucket and any independent coupon sales that asks you for money. and don't accept coupons that are e-mailed to you on a pdf file. >> the big dangers will continue and retailers may stop accepting internet printed coupons. >> reporter: a danger employees surely want to avoid since too many online coupon predators could ruin it for everybody. >> there we go. >> reporter: brittany morehouse, 9news now. >> and on our website, we have a link for all of the current coupon fraudz they have identified. -- frauds they have identified. we also have a link to the coupons brittany was talking about. all right, top. >> are you ready? >> we've waited all day to get the real deal on what is going to happen.
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>> a thrill bit of pressure. >> it's going to be okay. it's going to be a little better than decent. >> that doesn't sound great. >> it's going to finish strong. >> don't oversell it here. here is the forecast first. the next three days, tomorrow clouds are going to hang tough. it's going to be kind of like today. a little more sunshine. temperatures a little warmer but a shower or thunderstorm is still possible. high temperatures near 80. then we're in the mid 80s to upper 80s on sunday. warmer. should be nice for the rolling thunder rally. temperatures in the upper 80s. and then by memorial day, okay, we have an isolated thunderstorm on there. highs around 90. but that's what you want memorial day to feel like. overnight a shower and thunderstorm possible. lows in the 60s. and winds southeasterly at ten. let me show you live doppler. you can always access this on our website at most of the showers were south of town and on the east side of 95. many they dissipated in intensity and also in coverage. remember, in the evening most of
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them were out towards i81. the heaviest activity is right between vienna and annandale. it's going to head down towards lornton. 699 some heavy rain in here. i don't see any hail. where is it going to go? we'll put this into motion. it drifts off to the south and towards burke and back to the southwest. all right. let's go back to the computer. all right. temperatures tomorrow morning we're looking at temperatures in the 60s and 70s. got to keep a chance of a shower in. not a washout. winds out of the south at ten. by afternoon on saturday, variable clouds which means some sun. mild. shower or thunderstorm, though, is still possible. high temperatures near 80. i think we'll see a little more sun tomorrow than today. a decent weekend. warmer with a shower possible on sunday. monday hot, maybe an isolated thunderstorm.
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but a strong and hot finish to the weekend. all right. if you're a boater, not so great on saturday with clouds. temps in the 70s. winds not a factor. no small craft advisory. on sunday, sunshine returns. temperatures back in the low to mid 80s. if you're going to the beach, same deal. kind of cloudy on saturday. maybe a shower. low 70s. you get the wind off the water. southeasterly 10-15. but by sunday, you too will improve with sunshine, temps in the upper 70s and low 80s. winds westerly at 120. and it looks like the -- ten. and it looks like the day will even be nicer on monday, memorial day, at the shore. again, i get a kick out of the fact that it's warmer in the water on memorial day than labor day. near 80 on saturday. maybe a shower. we're back in the mid to upper 80s. 90 on me moral day. an -- memorial day. mid 80s on wednesday. some morning showers. we're okay on thursday and maybe a shower or thunderstorm on
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friday. >> so the best pool day is. >> probably memorial day. >> okay. the mighty boston celtics. >> everybody thought it would be lebron and the cavaliers coming out of the east but the wise old and i say old celtics made it happen. they have the 9th best record in the league this year, but the celtics have made it to the final two. how they finally stopped the magic tonight? plus the nats playing their game tonight under protest. we will tell you why in 9 sports coming up.
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it's time for 9 sports with brett haber, the best sports in town. >> anita is cackiling over there. the bruins have blown the playoffs. when the celtics went up 3-0 and then lost three games, game six tonight in boston and you could tell they had no intention of going to orlando for game seven. nate robinson off balance jumper seized by 13 at the break and that lead would grow. paul pierce knocking down three. he had 31. boston up 22 at that point.
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they advance to the nba finals 96-84. will it be the lakers or suns who join them. as for the lady's side, mystic have lost two and then won two. crystal langhorn knocking down two. the lacrosse team has been around 36 years and during that time they have won nine national championships. yes, they have won the title 25% of the seasons they have existed and they are now one win away from yet another one. lady terps in the national finals against syracuse and maryland strikes first. laura maryfield those that in. and that is a short range goal. then watch the intercept here. brittany jones picks off the pass. that is easy pickings right there. terps crews 14-5. they will meet northwestern for
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the national title on sunday. baseball tonight, late start at san diego for the nats and a bizarre scene before the game. the padres wrote the wrong pitcher on the lineup guide. that is a total violation. the nats playing the game under protest. of course, it may be a moot point based on that. if the nats win, what are you protesting. it doesn't matter. o's, kevin millwood has been getting no support and he got no run support tonight. vernon wells homerun for the jays. they blank the birds 5-0. these winter classics have been a big hit for the nhl. people just seem to love hockey and the league has tried to play the games in iconic locations. fenway park, wrigley field and now the most iconic of all. here in dc. on the same day they confirmed the caps will play in this
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year's winter classic in pittsburgh. the commissioner announced washington would host its own outdoor classic game on new year's day sometime in the next 2-3 years and the boss loves it. >> it's just something incredibly row -- romantic see seeing the way the game is supposed to be played. >> i guess you don't mind flurries. >> finally the mariners have a new usher program. if there is an empty seat in the front row and you would like to move up to it, one of the players will show you where it is. well, it's right there. >> oh. >> brandon showing you where the empty seat is. that is one of the best tumbling into the seats catches we've seen. he went in backwards and then he hit his head --. >> did he hit it on the railing? >> yes. the woman was in the way. nice catch, there is the ball. >> he's holding it up.
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>> where will they host the hockey game? >> rumor is national park but they could also play at rfk or the cool idea would be for them to erect something on the mall. >> we'll be right back. we have to go. >> how about on the reflecting pool. xéúú]úmp you've ever seen before.
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this is power with efficiency. this is an interior that exceeds even the promise of the exterior. this is the all-new jaguar xj. the stunning result of taking a very different road.
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that is 9news for tonight. don't forget is always on. >> letterman up next. goodnight. have a great holiday weekend.
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